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monika mundell freelance writerWelcome to my freelance writing site, I'm glad you are here. When I started my freelancing business back in June 2007 I never knew where the journey would lead me. I wasn't sure if I would be successful and become a full time freelance writer but the passion was there to get me started anyway.

So I started off slowly. I built my writing business step by step with client upon client until I was earning a full time income seven months later. This relates to an income of a minimum of $2,000 USD each and every month. That was back in January 2008 and my business has grown every single month since then.

The journey has been nothing but amazing for me and I'm glad I had the guts to go for my dreams once again, otherwise I'd still be working a job I hated for a boss who never truly appreciated my abilities.

If you are searching for answers in regards to getting your own writing business off the ground you have come to the right place. My freelance writing blog offers you tons of information and help on the subject. I've made it one of my priorities to help people achieve a life of their dreams because seeing others succeed is a gift I value very high. It makes me happy to read your success story.

I grew up in Switzerland and migrated to Australia in 1999 with my UK born husband John. We actually got married here in Australia on a stunning beach on Great Keppel Island which sits just on our doorstep.

We have traveled the world several times over and for us travel is our biggest passion. My writing business is ideally suited to make our dream of becoming full time nomads a reality one of these days. Besides writing for clients in the corporate, Internet marketing and private business sector I also indulge my time in Internet marketing. I build websites for clients, setup WordPress blogs and run my own niche websites.

We don't have kids but consider our seven birds our babies. We love them as you'd love a child and couldn't imagine a life without their company.

I welcome you to step inside my freelance writing blog and get to know me a little better. Feel free to participate in the comments section and let's get you started to run your own freelance writing business.

Monika Mundell

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