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        About Us

          Qinchuan Group Baoji Instrument Co.,ltd. is the designated of producing pressure gauges and pressure sensors by the Ministry of Mechanical Industry and electronic weighing apparatus by the Ministry of Light Industry. It has rich experience with automatic gauges and strong technical resources .The products can be widely used in the fields of national defense, aviation, sailing, course, petroleum, chemical industry, electrical, automobile, light industry, metallurgical buildings etc.
        Main products fall into 6 categories, specific pressure gauge pressure sensor, load cell, electronic weighing apparatus 、SF6 gas density monitor and automatic engineering ,hundreds of specifications, also some have been rewarded with national patents.
        The company has passed quality certification, ISO9001;2000 and system certification of measurement and test ISO10012;1 It is our aim to pass today and go after over the best .We would like to make friends with all over the world with the best products and the best service.
        Main products:
        1.Automatia pressure gauges
        All specifications of common pressure gauge,ammonia pressure gauge,pump type pressure gauge ,sulphur-resistant pressure gauge,remote transmitting pressure gauge ,contact pressure gauge ,corrosion-resistant diaphragm type pressure gauge ,diaphragm pressure gauge ,shock-resistant pressure ,remote transmitting anti-shock pressure gauge ,pulling force pressure gauge.
        2.Pressure sensors and transmitters
        All specifications of strain type pressure sensor,silicon and damping pressure sensor,ceramic type pressure sensor,high-pressure sensor,explosion-resistant pressure transmitter,intelligent type pressure transmitter,emp.-humidity transmitter,condensation transmitter.
        3.Load cells and weighing apparatus
        All specifications of load cell .electronic platform,truck weighing,electronic hoisting weighing and container weighing.
        4.SF6 gas density monitor and valves
        SF6 density gauge,SF6 density monitor,oil-less type SF6 density monitor,digital
        type SF6 density monitor,intelligent Type SF6density monitor.
        5.Automatic engineering
        Automatic mixing engineering, automatic weighing and managing system etc.
        6.Machine tool auxiliary machine
        Temp. & humidity regulator ,precision oil cooler and industrial lampblack purifier